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About Liam Kearney

Meet Liam Kearney: The new face of family friendly music from Canada. 


From Raffi and Fred Penner, to The Beatles and Beethoven, each artist from his childhood has inspired his years of relentless passion, practice, study, and teaching. 


Soon after the birth of Liam’s son, Oliver in 2016, Liam’s musical path changed in the best way possible. He found himself playing SOLD OUT shows at concert halls and breweries to babies, toddlers, children, and parents. 


Liam chooses venues that both caregivers, parents, and children can enjoy, while providing a range of adult and children’s songs that appeal to all. 


His shows are engaging for all ages. Filled with messages of love and encouragement, and wrapped in a bow of joy, togetherness, and outright fun.


Liam just recently released his first family album, THE LIAM KEARNEY SHOW, to great applause and accolades from the community. 


Stay up-to-date by following our website or social media for upcoming shows, or reach out by contacting Liam to book your own show! 


We hope to see you soon!