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Liam James Kearney

Musician | Teacher





63 Quebec Str, Bracebridge, ON Canada P1L 2A4

Date of Birth:

August 17th 1984

Teaching Profile | Piano, Guitar, Theory, Songwriting

Liam began studying piano at the age of five under Ann Foy who specialized in the Suzuki Method. He gained a solid foundation in ear training and rhythm in these first years. At ten, Liam started playing guitar and over the next decade learned as many styles as he could find teachers for (rock, blues, country, jazz, classical). At sixteen, Liam started teaching guitar out of his bedroom and developing his own style which he tailors to the strengths of each student. After high school, Liam attended Cambrian College in Sudbury where he studied classical guitar under Phillip Candelaria and classical piano under Dr. Charlene Biggs. During this time, Liam won the Theory Award for his outstanding understanding of the subject as well as being the only first-year student to perform in the Senior Awards concert.

Liam has been a gigging musician for most of his life. Besides his family-based shows, he was the leader the Toronto folk/rock band, Young Running, and continues to play solo shows to great praise. 

Liam is known for his friendly, easy-going nature in the teaching studio. He keeps it fun and finds it easy to relate to kids as he is just a big kid himself!

Liam maintained a full time position teaching position at Roncesvalles Classical Music Conservatory for 10+ years.

Muskoka Music Lesson Details

Location: Muskoka Music lessons will start with in home visits until a location in Bracebridge is found for a music school. If the student does not have a piano Liam is happy to host

the student at 63 Quebec Street in Bracebridge.

Lesson Recommendations: It is recommended that beginners start our with a 30 minute lesson once to twice a week. This will help maintain interest and attention span. Liam will provide recommendations following the first few lessons if longer sessions are preferable.

Fee Structure:

30 minute lesson               $30 All ages

1 hour lesson                    $60 All ages

Group                              More to come


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