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Charlotte Cox

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“My daughter and I were at Liam’s first concert, and we both loved it so much that we have been to almost all of his concerts since.  Liam engages with both adults and kids and plays music that appeals to all.  Fun for the entire family – I highly recommend!” 

Sonia Satov

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“Liam’s Shows magically combine kid-centred entertainment with the chance for parents to maintain an adult social life.  They are always the highlight of our weekend.” 

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Jessica Bryson

“The Liam Kearney Show is such a great experience for kids and parents! Liam is great with kids and a talented musician!” 

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Jessica Martin

Why We're Great >


“It’s just nice to have a drink in a bar like we used to before the babies came along,” says Jessica Martin, one of the original group of mat-leave mommies. “This lets me relive my younger days hanging out in bars but I don’t have to be out past midnight and the babysitter is on stage.” 

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Hannah McLachlan

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“Liam’s concerts are one of my favourite ways to spend Sunday afternoons.  It’s a great chance to grab a drink with friends and fellow parents, while the whole family enjoys the show”! 


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David Hayman,
President Supergroup Sonic Branding

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“Inventive…It’s FUN!!!”

Mike Tempest, Manager Left Field Brewery

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"Liam always draws out a bumper crowd with his fun and energetic set playing hits for the little ones and older guests alike! He brings together a bumpin' crowd that leaves everyone (including us!) looking forward to the next show!

Tommy Gough
Junction Craft Brewery

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"We've booked the Liam Kearney Show here at our brewery a handful of times now and the result is never disappointing!

Liam gets the kids singing and dancing in no time flat and the adults in the room quickly follow suit! I highly recommend booking The Liam Kearney Show at your venue as soon as possible- if only for you to sing and dance along yourself! 

Derek Downham,
Music Producer/Writer

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“The LIAM KEARNEY SHOW is easily the most fun-filled album I have ever been a part of. Liam is the real deal and already on his way to being one of the best in the genre.”

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